AudioVault V2

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Productividad Entretenimiento
Desarrollador Kalana Jayatilake
0.99 USD

The ipad version of AudioVault with even better features.

Do you ever wanted to record something which is so private that you only want yourself to listen, such as a conversation in a job interview.

This is an app that records and stores recordings in its own memory. It is separated from the devices memory. The files would only appear if you give permission to appear and to be allowed to downloaded to another device. This app is password protected. There, you never have to worry about your private stuff when you are giving your device to somebody.


*Own storage space.
*Password protected access.
*Control of what is stored in library.
*Easy to use and enhanced UI.
*Ability to export selected audio from the memory to another device.
*Categorize audio into groups.
*SplitView Navigation


*Keep your kids off from going through your private stuff

*Record secret conversations with employers and keep them hidden.

*Less worry in giving your device for others to use.

*Has its own player therefore no worry of importing to the main device library.

*Simpler way to erase traces of recording in case of an emergency.